Wrigley Principles in Action Showcase

Online Corporate Responsibility Showcase for the World-Famous Chewing Gum Manufacturer

Project Details

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility are perhaps the most important topics for any corporate communications platform in the present day. Wrigley’s approach has been ever-evolving, and as such they needed a modular storytelling platform designed to showcase the best of their success stories. So many success stories in fact, that a chapter-based UI was developed since the showcase now needs to highlight the depth-and-breath for over sixty articles. In addition to illuminating the fun and good-natured sides of the organization, the design’s success also hinged on things like search-ability, translatability and scalability. A progressive HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript solution has successfully achieved these goals. Visual design and pacing for the showcase required it to have its own identity, while still feeling like a part of the larger Wrigley brand.