Jordan’s Furniture

Retail Website for the New England Retail Furniture Powerhouse

Project Details

Jordan’s had a long outdated web strategy and design that no-longer put their best foot forward with their increasingly tech-savvy clientele. In fact, their old website was actually hurting customer confidence. Through a full UI/UX overhaul, my team and I were able to bring Jordan’s into the modern web era, and refresh the digital side of their brand. New standards for clean and simple product photography, elegant (but straightforward) UI elements, social media syndication tools, and an SEO-minded visual design all contribute to the success. Additionally, their new enterprise level CMS allows them to efficiently manage custom online promotions (like when they team up with professional sports teams).

The metrics behind this site help convey the success story… As of 2012, 68% of online purchases came from customers who had never purchased in-store. Approx. increase of 239,000 site-visits per month (6-month average), in just over 2 years since re-launch. Website purchases were then increasing faster than in‑store. Additionally, Jordan’s had begun receiving orders from outside their standard shipping region thanks to an increased visibility with a broader web audience—new opportunities were afoot.