Kane’s Wishlist Scanner

In-Store Product Scanner Smartphone App., and More

Project Details

Kane’s Furniture approached my team based on the work they had seen executed for Jordan’s Furniture. The Florida-based furniture retailer was due for a full platform overhaul as their digital strategy was maturing, and so their marketing consultants asked Jordan’s for a design agency recommendation. In order to successfully pitch for Kanes’ business during a down-economy, my team wanted to bring along some ‘left-field’ concepts that Kane’s wasn’t even thinking about, yet.

My concept for the Kane’s Wishlist Scanner enables Kane’s clientele to intelligently shop a vast product catalog by using their smartphone as a product scanner. Scanned products are bookmarked for later consideration via the new Kane’s website with a user-login, and also on the smartphone app. itself, thus connecting the website and in-store shopping experiences. Additionally, built-in information about store locations, hours and key phone numbers make the app. useful beyond just scanning functions. With the right strategy in place, Kane’s could even use data collected through the scanner app. to target promotions and coupons to specific individuals that they then know to be actively shopping their stores.