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Project Details

Content strategy that bolsters consumer trust and SEO benefits of new key-word rich (but still educational and user-centered) long-form articles were at the heart of CustomMade's Buyer Guides initiative. This content type would be brand new to the site, which offered our team an opportunity to embrace responsive design processes with a true blank slate. With this body of work I was able to lead by example, providing my younger peers with an example of my own personal responsive design workflows that I had previously developed.

Through the concepting phase we augmented the long term scope for this new feature to include user engagement and community building goals as well. User contributed content from our expert makers seemed like a no-brainer in the future. Additionally we planned for customer impressions / feedback, social proof, as well as relevant product features for each article.

Sample Adaptive Comps. for Responsive Designs:
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Buyer Guides Index, Small Size View

Buyer Guides Index, Concepting with Adaptive Design Comps.