First Act Guitar Builder

Web-App. and In-Store Kiosk for the Boston-Based Guitar and Instrument Manufacturer

Project Details

First Act Guitars was going through some big transformations in 2005. Looking to open their own flagship retail location in Boston, they reached out to Weymouth Design’s interactive team to craft and engineer a kiosk ‘builder’ application to elegantly showcase the 4 high-end custom model guitars that their custom-shop luthiers had developed.

With perhaps the best knowledge of guitars and hardware on the team, my role as a visual designer and production artist for the builder proved to be essential—translating interactive concepts into workable ideas aligned with real-world guitar idioms. At the time, Flash was the best tool for execution, and so my role also involved building out Flash assets using photography and computer illustration skills.

The web-app. version of First Act Guitar Builder won the MITX Rich Media App. category in 2006, was featured in Print Magazine’s Interactive Annual, and was also featured on