B.L.S. Mobile Campus Tour 

Self-Guided Tour, Mobile Web-App. Concept for Brooklyn Law School

Project Details

Brookyln Law School had a problem that they knew there must be a better solution for. When walk-ins showed up at their admissions offices on days with no guided campus tours scheduled, their staffers were only equipped to print out a PDF of their campus map, and send visitors on their way to explore Brooklyn Heights, alone. They asked my team for a consultation and ideas, with a limited budget in mind.

The B.L.S. Mobile Campus Tour web-app. is a cost-effective and straight-forward approach to solving this problem. Visual and experience design needed to be elegant, simple and obvious—as there was simply no time for any learning-curve on the part of users (or else they would be lost in Brooklyn). Engineering-wise, the plan to build the tour leveraging HTML5’s new markup and APIs meant that this web-app. could be cross-platform with very litte effort, easily updatable via B.L.S.’s existing Sitecore CMS, and offer all the necessary bells and whistles that a native iOS and/or Android app. might provide (audio, video, GPS, phone number dialing, etc.).