Consumer-Facing Website for the World-Famous Chewing Gum Manufacturer

Project Details

Based on the highly positive collaboration experience Wrigley’s interactive group had with my team working on internationalizations for the company's former flagship website Candystand.com, they reached out to also have us take on the rather daunting task of completely redesigning wrigley.com—now the company's primary consumer-facing website. Perhaps the WayBackMachine can illustrate how severe the redesign really was, by showing Wrigley’s homepage in 2008, a few months prior to relaunch.

Wrigley needed a clean and simple design, with a UI and visual language that made sense to both their North American and international audiences. The hardworking site servers as the official 'global' online home to the company, showcasing their values and history. And, it also serves as the home for brand / product information and materials for their North American markets—in particular, brands that are in a dormant cycle without active marketing. A huge consideration for the design was translatability, and since initial launch it has been ported to 14 international countries.