Wrigley Mobile

Consumer-Facing Mobile Website for the World-Famous Chewing Gum Manufacturer

Project Details

Mobile wasn’t even on Wrigley’s radar, until they asked for a consultation about their overall web strategy. With some research an analysis we figured out that the general mobile trending on the web would indeed have a significant enough impact on Wrigley's site traffic to warrant a better mobile experience. Circa 2010 we launch ‘m.wrigley.com’ and implemented mobile redirect logic between it and the main website. A context-alternate design approach was ideal for Wrigley (as opposed to retro-fitting the existing main site with responsive support), because it was more cost effective, more agile and easier to maintain. Streamlined content, and touch-friendly UI were also key for the mobile solution.

Since the initial launch in 2010, m.wrigley.com has seen an approximate 2,750% increase in monthly traffic.

An additional noteworthy point is that this project was the agency's first-ever mobile execution. My own research, concepting, and soft-skills opened this door with Wrigley, which in turn opened up a wider mobile revenue stream for the whole studio.

NOTE: To click over to m.wrigley.com in a regular browser, first shrink your viewport to a mobile-ish size in order to avoid the redirect.